Effect of Drought and UV-B Stress on Leaf Morphology of Ash-Leaved Maple and Sycamore Maple





Acer negundo, Acer pseudoplatanus, climate change, drought, ultraviolet-B radiation


Global climate change continues to leave irreversible effects worldwide. With the increase in the effects of climate change, especially in recent years, the amount of UV-B radiation reaching the earth's surface is also likely to increase. With increasing temperatures, the amount of precipitation in the world has decreased, and the drought has started to alarm. This study is tried to understand how plants can respond to these stresses using ash-leaf maple (Acer negundo L.) and sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) species. The effects of these stress factors on plant leaf morphology were investigated by applying certain intensities of drought (moderate [T2] and severe drought [T3]) and UV-B (8 kJ m-2 h-1 [T4] and 12 kJ m-2 h-1 [T5]) stresses on these two species with T1 (control) treatment. As a result, leaf width in A. pseudoplatanus species was at the lowest levels in individuals exposed to T3 and T9. In A. negundo species, leaflet length in T1, T2, T3, T4 T5, T6 (modarete+T4), T7 (modarete+T5), T8 (severe drought+T4), and T9 (severe drought+T5) treatment were 8.800, 8.704, 8.075, 8.792, 8.823, 8.516, 8.317, 7.993, and 8.605 cm, respectively. According to these values, it was observed that the leaflet length was the shortest in T8 (7.993 cm) treatment. On the other hand, the leaflet length in T9 was close to the T1 group. As a result, individuals exposed to T4 were more affected than T5 in applications applied to UV-B stress and T3. Therefore, the increase of UV-B radiation positively affects the plant's resistance to drought stress.


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