Effects of Drought Stress on Leaf Gas Exchange Parameters and Proline Accumulation in Chestnut (Castanea Sativa Mill.) Saplings





Castanea sativa Mill., photosynthesis, drought, amount of proline


Water scarcity caused by global warming limits the growth and development of trees and causes drought stress. Chestnut (Castanea sativa) belonging to the Fagaceae family, which grows naturally in Turkey, is affected by drought. In this study, seedlings obtained from C. sativa seeds collected from three different populations of the Mediterranean region (Akseki, İbradı and Selge), the Aegean region (İzmir-Ovacık), the Marmara region (Bursa) and the Black Sea region (Düzce) of Turkey were used. The effects of three-year-old (3+0) chestnut seedlings on leaf gas exchange parameters [net assimilation (photosynthesis) rate (A), stomatal conductivity (gs), transpiration rate (E), intrinsic water use efficiency (iWUE= A/gs) and instant plant water use efficiency (WUE= A/E)] and proline accumulation under drought stress, which were subjected to different irrigation regimes in the greenhouse environment, were investigated. As a result, it was observed that the E, A, gs values of all populations decreased significantly compared to the control groups, and proline accumulation increased compared to the control groups. In addition, it was observed that the six different C. sativa populations drought adaptation potentials were varied, but the drought adaptation potential of the Mediterranean populations could be higher.


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