Determination of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emission in Individual Deep Well Irrigation Enterprise




Deep well, Groundwater irrigation, Energy use, Greenhouse gas emission, Konya


This study was conducted to determine the annual energy use and related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of individual deep well irrigation enterprise. That study was conducted at deep well farm belonging to one farmer with volunteer preforming farming activities in Konya-Meram-Çarıklar location for the growing season of 2021. In that regard, the activities using alfalfa and dry bean production, and total production inputs with their amounts as well as crop yields were determined separately. By considering unit energy equivalent values and GHG emission factors of each input, annual energy consumption and GHG emission values were calculated. Similarly, by examining energy content and crop yield in accordance of crop production unit (kg), annual produced energy amount was calculated. The evaluation was made using energy used and energy produced as well as GHG emission values indicators at individual deep well irrigation farm. According to the results obtained, annual energy use and energy production were calculated 253035 mega-joule (MJ), and 487960 MJ, respectively for individual well irrigation farm. The electricity used during the irrigation processes resulted around 71% of annual energy consumption. The annual GHG emission amount as an equivalent to the carbon dioxide (CO2eqv) for research farm with GWI was determined as 18575 kg (18575 kgCO2eqv year-1). Almost 52% of annual GHG emission was resulted from electricity used in irrigation.



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Halkacı, A. Y., & Toprak, R. (2022). Determination of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emission in Individual Deep Well Irrigation Enterprise. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(11), 2243–2251.



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