Economic Sustainability of Dairy Goat Breeding Enterprises and Determination of Herd Size for Family Livelihood




Goat, Breeding Economic, Sustainability, Sufficient Income, Production Cost, Goat Milk


With this study, it is aimed to reveal the effect of economically sustainable dairy goat breeding in order to provide sufficient income. For this purpose, in Çanakkale Province, which has 234.408 thousand head goats, mostly dairy goat breeding, 30 enterprises were selected through proportional sampling to determine the herd size for technical herd analysis and economic sustainability in family subsistence. The parameters obtained are milk yield (2.1 L), herd size (168.21 heads), number of animals milked (82.54 heads), milk marketing rate (96.75%). 52.30% of milk production costs are variable costs and 47.70% are fixed costs. Feed costs have the highest share in total production costs with 43.88%. In the enterprises, 68.34% of the total gross production value obtained from goat breeding is milk, 27.06% is Productive Fixture Increase and 4.60% is fertilizer income. The cost of 1 L milk in the enterprises was calculated as 1.73 TL (USD 0.36), (the average rate of 1 USD in 2018 is 4.81 TL). 1 L of goat milk price is 3 TL (USD 0.62), (Canakkale, Turkey, sales price, 2018) considering; It has been determined that the enterprises make an average profit of 1.27 TL / L per liter (42%). With the calculated parameters, a profit of 602.27 TL (125.21 Dollars) was obtained from only milk sales in a production period from a dairy goat. A family of four the poverty line, according to the Turkey Statistical Institute 2018 poverty study results are reported on a monthly 6609.000 TL. As a result of the research, the average milk yield is 2.10 L, and as a result of the calculation made considering the average milking time of 225 days and the profit obtained from it, the number of milky goats that will meet the poverty line for a family of four was determined as 131 heads.



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Aktürk, D., & Arsoy, D. (2020). Economic Sustainability of Dairy Goat Breeding Enterprises and Determination of Herd Size for Family Livelihood. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(11), 2491–2497.



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