Evaluation of Production Preferences and Production Costs of Agricultural Enterprises in Çanakkale





Producer preferences, Analytic hierarchy process, Production cost, Agricultural enterprise, Çanakkale


This study was conducted in Kumkale Plain of Çanakkale Province. In this research, it is aimed to determine which factors the regional farmers take into consideration in their production and the costs of the products they obtain. The data of the study consisted of primary and original questionnaires provided through face-to-face interviews. The sample volume was determined by stratified sampling method and 99 questionnaires were conducted. The enterprises are ranked according to land size and divided into three layers as 1-50, 51-100, 101 decare and above. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHS) method was used to determine producer preferences as well as simple cost calculations. The criteria of the study were determined as mechanization, irrigation facilities, supply of inputs, marketing opportunities, aquaculture information, product prices, input prices and labor force. According to the results of AHS obtained from the study, wheat ranked first with 0.213 points and sunflower ranked second with 0.196 points. The remaining alternatives are paddy, tomato, corn (seed) and silage maize respectively. According to AHS results, wheat, sunflower, paddy, tomato, corn and silage maize are preferred. Product costs are calculated as follows; 0.52 TL/kg for tomatoes, 1.56 TL/kg for paddy , 1.16 TL/kg for grain corn, 0.14 TL/kg for silage maize, 0.69 TL/kg for wheat and 1.44 TL/kg for sunflower.



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Kocaköse, B., & Aktürk, D. (2019). Evaluation of Production Preferences and Production Costs of Agricultural Enterprises in Çanakkale. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(11), 1990–2000. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v7i11.1990-2000.2985



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