Investigation of Farm Animal Drinking Water Mineral Contents in Iğdır Province of Turkey




Water, Mineral, Igdir, Toxication, Insufficiency


With this research, it was aimed to investigate the content of some heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn) and macro minerals (Mg, Ca, K, Na) in the water resources that meet the water needs of livestock in Iğdır. Water samples were collected from natural springs, surface waters, wells and drilling waters, Aras river and its branches in the region. The data obtained were classified in two different ways and statistical analysis was performed. 1. According to the districts; Central District, Tuzluca, Karakoyunlu, Aralık. 2. According to the type of water resources; Ağrı Mountain spring waters, Ağrı Mountain surface waters, Mountain spring waters, Mountain surface waters, west of Aras river and it‘s canals, east of Aras river, Well and Drilling waters. Mineral levels of the water samples were measured by using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with flame system. According to the district assessment, it was seen that Tuzluca district had lower values compared to other districts. When evaluated according to the type of water source, water mineral content was determined to increase as the waters flowing forward on the surface after reaching to the earth surface It was even found to have become unfit for consumption towards the end. Consequently, with this research, the levels of some heavy metals and macro minerals in the waters used for livestock in the Iğdır region were revealed for the first time with their details. Except for the waters of the East Aras river, the waters of the Iğdır region were found to be of usable quality for animal husbandry.



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Karademir, B., Koç, E., Oğrak, Y. Z., Tufan, T., & Kadirhanoğulları, İbrahim H. (2020). Investigation of Farm Animal Drinking Water Mineral Contents in Iğdır Province of Turkey. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(12), 2677–2682.



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