An Analysis of the Effects of Livestock Support Policies on Breeders: An Example of TR83 Region in Turkey




animal presence, large ruminant breeders, livestock supports, Turkey


This paper studied the effect of livestock support policies applied in Turkey by a emprical study. The study was carried out based on the analysis of the data collected through surveys with a total of 478 livestock enterprises in the TR83 region (including Amasya, Çorum, Samsun and Tokat provinces). The enterprises included in the survey study were grouped into three categories by the number of their animals. Binary Logistic Regression Model was applied in order to define the policy-based support payment utilization probabilities of the enterprises and the factors affecting them. It was determined that approximately 45% of the enterprises cannot utilize livestock supports. The most utilized support items by the enterprises were determined as calf support, support per animal, forage plant support and raw milk support. A total of 65% of the enterprise owners think that the support amount per animal is insufficient, but regard the mentioned support item as the most important factor for improving animal presence. The utilization rates vary in terms of enterprise scales on the other hand. The support utilization likelihood of medium-scale enterprises is 3.1 times higher than small-scale enterprises, and this likelihood is 1.7 times higher for big-scale enterprises when compared with medium-scale enterprises. The study recommends that some regulations are needed in support of policies to enable a better improvement in animal presence and a homogenous distribution of support payments.




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Erdal, G., Erdal, H., & Çiçek, A. (2020). An Analysis of the Effects of Livestock Support Policies on Breeders: An Example of TR83 Region in Turkey. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(11), 2378–2387.



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