Evaluation of the Red Meat Sales Policy of the Meat and Milk Institution on the Dimension of Consumers





Meat and Milk Institution, Contracted markets, Red meat prices, Logit model, Gaziantep


Meat and Milk Institution is implementing red meat sales through grocery chains in order to ensure stability in red meat prices in Turkey. In this study in order to evaluate the effectiveness of this policy from the perspective of consumers, data set obtained from 388 households in Gaziantep city center was used. According to the findings, it has been determined that 53.6% of consumers prefer contracted markets due to the suitability of red meat prices. Initially, all consumers bought red meat from contracted markets, but it was found that 62.11% of them gave up buying red meat from these markets. This situation was found to be quite remarkable and logit model was used to determine the factors affecting the continuity of red meat purchase of households from contracted markets. According to the Logit model results, it was observed that households buying red meat from the contracted markets were affected by the variables that they are care about the price of red meat, income and frequency of shopping at these markets. As a result, it can be stated that this policy implemented by the ESK is aimed at selling red meat to low-income consumers rather than providing price stability and does not have a demand increasing effect.



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Çiçek, A., Ayyıldız, M., & Doğar, D. (2020). Evaluation of the Red Meat Sales Policy of the Meat and Milk Institution on the Dimension of Consumers. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(11), 2339–2347. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v8i11.2339-2347.3490



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