Reproductive and Growth Characteristics During The First Age of Kıvırcık, Sakız and Gökçeada Indigenous Sheep Breeds

Tamer Sezenler, Ertan Köycü, Yalçın Yaman, Ayhan Ceyhan, Mustafa Küçükkebapçı, Mehmet Akif Yüksel


This study was conducted to determine first age reproduction characteristics of indigenous Kıvırcık, Sakız and Gökçeada sheep breeds and growth performances of ewe lambs which have been kept in Bandırma Sheep Research Station (BSRS). The data of reproduction characteristics of ewes and growth characteristics of lambs were collected on 15 Kıvırcık, 8 Sakız and 10 Gökçeada ewes, and on 16 Kıvırcık, 12 Sakız and 11 Gökçeada lambs, respectively. After the lambs completed their fifth month ages, estrus detection was carried out with a teaser ram twice a day with 12 hour intervals. For the Kıvırcık, Sakız and Gökçeada lambs, the first oestrus weights were 37.93, 33.35 and 29.75 kg; first oestrus ages were 315, 320 and 337 days; oestrus durations were 30.99, 25.85 and 20.28 hours and the duration of the oestrus cycles were 16.59, 19.91 and 17.76 days, respectively. The birth weights of Kıvırcık, Sakız and Gökçeada lambs were found to be 3.64, 3.91, 3.28 kg; the weaning weight (WW), 31.01, 25.44 and 23.67 kg, the six month live weight (SMLW), 32.87, 26.95 and 24.15 kg, the yearling live weight (YLW), 39.01, 30.95 and 30.27 kg and the average daily weight gain (ADWG), 0.271 0.257 and 0.202 kg, respectively.


Sheep; Oestrus cycle; Live weight Lamb; Growth characteristics

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