A Research on Structural Characteristics and Problems of Goat Breeding in Nigde


  • Ayhan Ceyhan Nigde University, Bor Vocational School
  • Adnan Ünalan Niğde Üniversitesi, İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi, İşletme Bölümü, 51240 Niğde,
  • Mahmut Çınar Niğde Üniversitesi, Bor Meslek Yüksekokulu, 51700 Bor/Niğde
  • Uğur Serbester Niğde Üniversitesi, Bor Meslek Yüksekokulu, 51700 Bor/Niğde
  • Ahmet Şekeroğlu Niğde Üniversitesi, Ayhan Şahenk Tarım Bilimleri ve Teknolojileri Fakültesi, Hayvansal Üretim ve Teknolojileri Bölümü, 51240 Niğde
  • Ethem Akyol Niğde Üniversitesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Biyoloji Bölümü 51240 Niğde
  • Erdoğan Yılmaz Niğde İli Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği, 51100 Niğde
  • Ahmet Demirkoparan Niğde İli Süt Üreticileri Birliği, 51100 Niğde




Niğde, Goat breeding, Survey, Milk, Meat, Cheese


This study was carried out to reveal the present status of goat farms in Nigde, to detect basic priority problems and to offer some solutions to these problems. For this purpose, a survey was conducted to the goat breeders face to face in randomly selected total 38 goat farms.The survey questions; goat farms and growing core business activities of enterprises that reveals the overall structure, and also the level of satisfaction with the priority issues of breeders are designed to measure. Analyze the results was shown that a large portion of goat breeders (85.0%) were primary school graduates, 5.3%secondery school and also 5.3% high school graduates, goat farms have whole hair goat breed. Goat enterprises have rate of 44.7%, more than 500 goat, 92.1% of goat enterprises go out to highlands, also provided 73.7% of the shepherd's family. In addition, operating revenues were determined come from 50% of goat's milk. Goat breeders were evaluated only 39.5% the form of cheese production, as 60.5% of the cheese, butter, yogurt, and the sale of raw milk of the total milk yield. All business was assessed that owners a profitable goat farming as an occupation and the first five main problems were member alliance, ownership sufficient technical knowledge, serving the technical staff, buck mating and breeding presses, goat shelter, respectively. In addition, it was seen that according to Likert scale, at least the first five issues were satisfied that such as feed, labor, and electricity inputs, product marketing price, sold animals the price, market opportunities related to the sale of manufactured products and finacial supply, respectively. As a result, it could be said that the most important problem for goat enterprises in Nigde province is high production costs and low product prices.

Author Biography

Ayhan Ceyhan, Nigde University, Bor Vocational School

Nigde Üniversitesi Bor Meslek Yüksekokulu

Hayvan Yetiştirme ve Islahı



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Ceyhan, A., Ünalan, A., Çınar, M., Serbester, U., Şekeroğlu, A., Akyol, E., Yılmaz, E., & Demirkoparan, A. (2014). A Research on Structural Characteristics and Problems of Goat Breeding in Nigde. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 3(2), 74–79. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v3i2.74-79.179



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