Trace Minerals in Poultry Nutrition and the Efficiency of Chelating Forms


  • Kasım Özek Güney Marmara Kalkınma Ajansı, A. Gaffar Okkan Cd. 36/A, 10020 Balıkesir



Nutrition, Broiler, Performance, Chelate trace minerals, Laying hen


The efficiency of chelated forms of trace minerals in poultry nutrition and the trace minerals requirements of poultry were discussed in this review. Trace minerals are essential for all farm animals, and these minerals, individually or together with other mineral, take part in many events such as metabolic activities, development and repair of different tissues, growth, immune and reproductive systems. In the last years, lots of studies related to different organic forms of trace minerals on the effects of broiler and laying hens were carried out. The results of these studies have showed that organic trace minerals added to poultry diets at lower levels than inorganic trace minerals are more efficient than inorganic trace minerals and they provide some advantages in poultry nutrition. One of the most important advantages is the reduction of mineral amount excreted in faces. In addition, the results of researches conducted especially in the last few years have shown that the chelated forms of trace minerals strengthen the poultry immune system, and increase the use of other nutrients. However, there are inconsistent between the effects of different forms of trace minerals used in poultry diets on the performance.



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Özek, K. (2016). Trace Minerals in Poultry Nutrition and the Efficiency of Chelating Forms. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 4(11), 946–951.



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