Determination of Biogas Energy Potential of Animal Manures in Van Province




Agricultural structures, Animal manure, Biogas potential, Biosystems, Van Province


Researchers have turned to alternative studies in order to benefit more from renewable energy sources due to fossil resources will be insufficient in the near future, environmental pollution as a result of fuel combustion and increasing energy demand. Biogas production, which is used in many areas such as heating, transportation, electricity, natural gas and chemical production, is one of the most attractive alternatives among these studies. Animal manure is also an important material used as a substrate in the production of biogas. For this purpose, the province of Van, which is one of the leading provinces of our country in terms of animal production and where cattle, sheep and poultry are grown intensively, was chosen as the research area. In the research, TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) 2021 data were used. It was made evaluations on the animal numbers data of the province of Van for 2021 and the amount of total manure and the biogas potential were determined. As a result of the research; the total amount of usable manure that can be obtained from animal waste in Van province is 1.45 million tons × year-1 and its conversion potential into biogas energy is calculated as 57.448.729 m3 × year-1. It has been determined that it is equivalent to 2.700.009.026 kWh of electricity or 47.107.958 m3 of natural gas energy of the total biogas potential. This too; when evaluated with today's prices, it saves approximately 221 to 337 million TL × year-1, depending on the area of use.



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Şirin, Ünal, Karaman, S., Erkuş, F. Şevki, Tüfenkçi, Şefik, & Tuncay, K. (2022). Determination of Biogas Energy Potential of Animal Manures in Van Province. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(sp1), 2848–2854.

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