Situation Analysis of the Feed Manufacturing Industry in Diyarbakır Province


  • Muzaffer Denli Dicle University
  • Ramazan Demirel Dicle University
  • Abdullah Sessiz Dicle University



Diyarbakır, Feedstuff, Quality, Production capacity, Feed manufacturing industry


This research was carried out by visiting total 14 feed mills (8 of them are active, 6 of them are passive) in Diyarbakır province in order to get information on feedstuffs, production, quality, technical capacity, marketing, problems and expectations from public authority. Each feed mill were visited, data were collected by face to face interview, total 34 questions were asked and results were evaluated. According to survey results; total technical capacity of feed mills in Diyarbakır is 388.800 Ton/year, however active capacity is 230.400 Ton/year and their plant utilization is quite low (50.3%), average feed production capacity is 11.9 Ton/hour, daily production is 403 Ton. Feed industrialists primarily indicated that unconscious farmers (85.7%), higher feedstuff price (75%) and unfair competition and unregistered production (62.5%) are the most important problems in the industry. Cereals, wheat bran and cottonseed meal were obtained from South-eastern Anatolia Region, however, other feedstuffs and feed additives were bought from other regions of Turkey. Primary preferences of buying of feedstuffs are: quality of feedstufs 50%, easily obtaining 31%, cheap 19% for feedstuffs. Manufactured feeds were marketed by as follows; 34% distributers, 33% distributors and in factory, 22% directly to farmer and 11% in other ways. As a result, technical facilities were found adequate, feed mill owners are conscious to establish laboratory, they have enough production capacity but, except one of them, they produce only one shift in a day.

Author Biographies

Muzaffer Denli, Dicle University

Zootekni Bölümü

Ramazan Demirel, Dicle University

Zootekni Bölümü

Abdullah Sessiz, Dicle University

Tarım Makinaları Bölümü



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Denli, M., Demirel, R., & Sessiz, A. (2015). Situation Analysis of the Feed Manufacturing Industry in Diyarbakır Province. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 3(9), 701–706.



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