Niğde Provincial Quality Milk Production Optimum Collection and Transport Planning




Milk Quality Milk, Milk Collection, Planning, Transport


In the study, it was aimed to determine a collection and transport model based on the protection of the quality values of the milk sold to processing plants by collecting it in the morning and evening from cattle breeding enterprises that are members of the Union of Cattle Breeders of Niğde province. As part of the study, raw milk samples were taken 2 times a month for 12 months from 19 animal husbandry enterprises that are members of the Union and analyzed by technical staff in the Union‘s laboratory. In the analysis, fat, protein, lean drying agent, total dry matter and lactose values were collected, as well as somatic cell and total bacterial values. As a result of the analysis, the milk is divided into four different types according to the total bacterial load. Collection routes have been established according to the geographical locations of livestock enterprises and the type of milk determined. In this context, the proposed model is a “tank-based divisible demand mathematical Model” and was operated using Cplex 12.1.0 solver in gams 23.4.3 version and optimal milk collection routes were created. Planning allows 4 different types of milk, determined on the basis of the total number of bacteria from 19 milk-producing cattle enterprises, to be transported to the collection center under certain restrictions. The increase in milk supply in recent years has allowed processing plants to be more selective. As a result, it has increased the criteria for getting cleaner and quality milk. In addition, these businesses also agree to pay more fees for milk with high quality values. As a result of niğde breeding cattle breeders‘ association quality-based contracts with processing plants, it has become mandatory to implement new collection models. After that, the traceability of milk taken from the livestock business until it goes to the consumer as the final product will be a very important subject of study.



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