Evaluation of Important Strawberry Genotypes in Terms of Taste Parameters





Fragaria × ananassa duch, Harvest period, Breeding, Climate conditions, Fruit firmness


Strawberry is an important fruit species whose production is increasing in the world and in our country due to its unique taste and aroma. It is known that the yield, taste and other important quality components of strawberry fruits are affected by the genetic structure as in many fruit species. In this context, a large amount of strawberry varieties have been developed as a result of strawberry breeding studies in the world. Similarly, breeding studies have been carried out at different intensities for many years at Çukurova University. In this study, the genotypes coded ‘33‘, ‘36‘ and ‘61‘, which have become prominent as a result of the strawberry breeding program in our department, and commercial varieties such as ‘Fortuna‘, ‘Rubygem‘ and ‘Festival‘, which are widely cultivated in the Mediterranean region, were compared in term of the properties such as soluble solids content (SSC), pH, fruit acid content and firmness during the extensive harvest period (January-May). As a result of the study, small amount of production was obtained in Mediterranean climatic conditions, and the highest SSC and flesh firmness values were obtained in the varieties and genotypes analysed in January. In terms of genotypes; the ‘36‘ coded attracted attention with its relatively low acid content, as well as being higher than others with its SSC values varying between 8.0% and 13.1% throughout the season. Despite the strength of this genotype in terms of taste, it was found to be quite soft compared to commercial varieties (1.10-1.20 lb/inch2) with flesh firmness of 0.63 lb/inch2. It is thought that it is not possible to obtain the best quality variety in all aspects due to physiological and genetic reasons. However, strawberry breeders should aim to develop strawberry varieties that consist the characteristics at the highest levels in line with the fundamental goals they set.



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Akbaş, F. C., Ali Sarıdaş, M., Ağçam, E., Selcen Keskinaslan, G., Kamar, R., & Paydaş Kargı, S. (2021). Evaluation of Important Strawberry Genotypes in Terms of Taste Parameters. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(1), 241–248. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v9i1.241-248.3988



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