Analysis of Oily Sunflower Production in Turkey




Oil seeds, Sunflower oil, Subsidy, Analysis, Turkey


Oilseed crops are one of the product groups with high supply deficit in Turkey. According to 2018 data, the total amount Turkey has paid for imports of sunflower and sunflower oil alone is US$762 million. According to the data of the same year, Turkey's oilseeds production amount is approximately 4 million tons and the share in production of sunflower is 48.62%. In 2018, the country's oil sunflower production area is approximately 650 thousand ha, the production quantity is 1.8 million tons and the yield value is 277 kg/da. The share of the provinces which are in the top five in the country, with regard to total sunflower cultivation area and production quantity is about 70%. While Konya takes the first place with 408 kg/ da in the yield value obtained from the unit area, the yield value is 235 kg/da in the province of Tekirdağ which has the highest cultivation area. Considering the period between 1998-2018 in Turkey, it is provided in oilseeds production increased by 66.43% the most significant change in terms of the amount of this increase was realized in sunflower production with share by 126.65%. So and so, in this period, the oilseed sunflower yield has reached 277.00 kg/ da from 146.76 kg/da. Turkey's self-sufficiency rate is 64.30% in sunflower production for oil, significant deficit in supply is available. Although the most effective support application on the income of producers in sunflower production for oil is the deficiency payments, there was no change in the unit price value announced in 2017-2019 period. In 2018, considering the average yield of 277 kg/da sunflower for oil in Turkey deficiency payments in the production of sunflower has a value per unit area 110 TL/da also increases.

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Arif Semerci, Department of Agricultural Economics, Research Assistant, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, 17900 Çanakkale

Department of Agricultural Economics, Research Assistant



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