The Place and Analyse of Antalya in the Fisheries Sector




Fisheries, Aquaculture, Fisheries sector, Antalya, SWOT analysis


The fisheries sector makes significant contributions to the economy for the animal nutritional needs of the people, industry, employment and national income. In particularly the aquaculture sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey with a growth rate of 11%. Antalya is one of the provinces with an importance in the aquaculture sector. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use this potential efficiently either as the province is also a major tourism destination. As a matter of fact, cage nets in the province have been moved to further locations due to tourism. However, there are still 78 active aquaculture facilities in Antalya, including 73 trout and 5 seabream-seabass. These businesses are performing about 2% of Turkey's aquaculture production. As of 2017, aquaculture production amount in the province was 5,693 tons/year. There are 5 fishing shelters in Antalya in 2017. These are located in Konyaalti, Alanya, Finike, Kas (Center) and Kas (Kalkan) regions. However, the number of landing points cause some confusion and problems in terms of control. For this reason, it is requested to open a Seafood Wholesaler in the province. The fisheries and aquaculture production was 6,779 tons/year in Antalya and 1680 tons in 2016, 1898 tons in 2017 and 2359 tons/year as of 2018 were exported.



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