Determination of Medical Plant Use Habits in Giresun Province




Giresun, Folk medicine, Herbal medicine, Gender, Medicinal plant


The purpose of this research was to determine the medicinal plant use habits of the people living in rural and urban areas in Giresun province. A survey was prepared which contains questions for this purpose. According to the results of the research, 15.2% of the male participants and 30.4% of the female participants selected the option “I always use them”, and 35.9% of the male participants and 18.6% of the female participants selected to option “I use them when I need them” to describe their medicinal plant use habits. It was determined that 48.2% of both male and female participants used medicinal plants to treat diseases and maintain their health. It was found that 25.4% of males and 25.9% of females obtained medicinal plants from herbalists + markets, that 50.5% of males and 48.7% of females reported that the news through the press increased their interest in treatment with plants, the methods of obtaining information about medicinal plants were concentrated in the combination of “from my elders + friends + press-release” in 31.9% of males and 34.3% of females, and the most commonly used medicinal plant was mint in males (5.6%) and females (5.5%). It was also revealed that 9.5% of males and 9.1% of females used mostly medicinal plants when they had cold. For the sweetening of herbal medicines, 10.7% of males preferred the combination of sugar + honey + lemon, while 10.7% of females stated that they did not need any sweetening. It was determined that 30.4% of males did not pay attention to the type of material which is used to prepare medicinal plants in it, this rate was 13.6% for females, and 33.0% of females used glass + porcelain. It was found that 29.6% of males and 33.0% of females kept their medicinal plants in the kitchen cupboard + refrigerator, while 24.9% of males and 26.7% of females used nylon packaging + glass packaging for packaging.



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Yeşil, M. (2020). Determination of Medical Plant Use Habits in Giresun Province. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(3), 547–559.



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