Growth and Developmental Stages of Bean Plant


  • Ramazan İlhan Aytekin Niğde Üniversitesi, Tarım Bilimleri ve Teknolojileri Fakültesi, Bitkisel Üretim ve Teknolojileri Bölümü, 51240 Niğde,
  • Sevgi Çalışkan Niğde Üniversitesi Tarım Bilimleri ve teknolojileri Fakültesi Bitkisel Üretim ve Teknolojileri Bölümü Niğde



Phaseolus vulgaris, Growth, Developmental stages, Determinate, Indeterminate


Uniform description of developmental stages in crops improve communication among producers, researchers and others. A standardized, accurate, and easy system is needed to describe bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plant development. The objective of this study was to develop and describe stages of bean plant development in a manner which is simple but accurate. The biological cycle of the bean plant is divided into two successive phases: the vegetative stage (V) and the reproductive stage (R). Vegetative stages are determined by counting the number of trifoliolate leaves (V1 to VN) on the main stem beginning above the unifoliate leaf. Reproductive stages R1 and R2 are based on flowering, R3 and R4 on pod development, R5 and R6 on seed development, and R7, R8 and R9 on maturation.



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Aytekin, R. İlhan, & Çalışkan, S. (2014). Growth and Developmental Stages of Bean Plant. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 3(2), 84–93.



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