The Input-Output Analysis of Agro-Industries in Antalya


  • Osman Karkacier Akdeniz University



Agro-industry, Province of Antalya, Input-Output analysis, Leontief Matrix, Leontief Inverse Matrix


In the province of Antalya, agriculture and tourism sectors with their added value come into the prominence in this economic integration. Agro-industries accelerated from agriculture sector have taken their places in this integration. For this purpose, a survey was carried out with agricultural-based industrial enterprises operating in Antalya province. With the help of the data obtained from the questionnaires, an industrial transaction table was created. In this table, input-output coefficients matrix was reached and production multipliers on the sectors were calculated through the operations of the leontief matrix. In this study, agriculture-based industrial sectors were grouped and reduced to 9 sectors. According to the results obtained, the sector that provides the highest contribution in terms of production multipliers is vegetable production. This means that the total of the Leontif reverse matrix column of this sector is 3.26904, which means that the increase in production in the vegetable production sector will be 3.26904 times higher than the increase in production in the other nine sectors in response to a one-unit increase in production in the vegetable production sector. This sector is followed by the fruit and vegetable processing industry with 3.07305 coefficient vegetable oils and 2.736016. Sugary products industry 1.76583 coefficient was calculated. With these coefficients, it can be said that these sub-sectors have made significant contributions. In all of the studied sectors, if production is increased by one unit, there is another reproduction which gives rise to the production of the sector in the related line. Accordingly, the coefficient of bakery products sector is 2.660875 and is the highest. According to this figure, if the production of the other eight sectors examined increase one unit, it can be said that bakery products will be required to increase the input level of the industry to eight sectors by 2.66 times.

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Osman Karkacier, Akdeniz University

agricultural economy



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Karkacier, O. (2018). The Input-Output Analysis of Agro-Industries in Antalya. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 6(6), 740–748.



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