Effects of Different Sources of Fertilizers on Growth and Yield of Radish (Raphanus sativus L.)





Raphanus sativus L., Organic Manures, Poultry manure, Growth Parameters, Yield Parameters


Radish is a widely cultivated root crop susceptible to chemicals for its growth and development. The experiment was conducted to study the effect of different sources of organic fertilizers on growth and yield parameters in the Tokinashi variety of radish. The experiment was laid out using one factorial completely randomized block design with six treatments replicated four times. Vermicompost, goat manure, chemical fertilizers (NPK), poultry manure, farmyard manure and control were the applied treatments. Various growth and yield parameters of radish were measured and assessed at 15-day intervals. Various growth and yield parameters of radish were measured and assessed at 15-day intervals. Growth parameters were observed at 15, 30, 45, and 60 days after sowing. For yield parameters, destructive samples were taken and observed at 30 DAS and 45 DAS and harvested at 60 DAS. The assessments of plant growth and yield parameters showed that poultry manure (PM) treatments were superior. At the time of harvesting, the treatment comprising poultry manure had considerably greater plant height (30.55 cm), leaf length (29.44cm), leaf breadth (10.78cm), leaf number per plant (9.23), root diameter (10.33cm) and root length (20.16cm) with superior yield per ha (33.59 mt ha-1). Poultry manure significantly enhanced root yield and was positively correlated with all growth parameters. The highest benefit-cost (B: C) ratio was recorded in chemical fertilizer (3.99), which was statistically at par with poultry manure (3.81), suggesting that poultry manure might potentially replace chemical fertilizers for the Tokinashi variety of radish cultivation.


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