The Impact of Urban Green Areas on the Temperature Increase Causing by the Surface Materials and a Future Scenario




Green area, Park, Temperature, ENVI-met, Adana


In recent years, it has gained importance to develop models to determine the contribution of parks to reducing the temperature together with their surroundings. ENVI-met, which is used for this purpose, allows simulations for different conditions/materials with projections over many years. This study aims to determine the temperature levels arising from the surface materials and the projections of long years in the near areas of Cumhuriyet Park in Çukurova District of Adana. The study consists of 3 stages. In the first stage, information about the subject was gathered together. In the second stage, modeling was carried out using ENVI-Met 4.4.5 climatic simulation software in order to determine the temperature levels caused by different materials in the study area. The scenario for the future has been put forward. The data obtained in the third stage of the study were evaluated and suggestions were presented. As a result of the study, it was determined that Cumhuriyet Park, which is one of the important green areas of Çukurova district, contributed significantly to the decrease in the temperature level around it. This contribution is felt more intensely especially in the immediate vicinity of the park. It has been shown that the effect decreases with distance from the park. In the scenario put forward at the end of the 28-year period, it is predicted that the temperature level of the parking area will increase by approximately 2.4°C. This study reveals the importance of the selection of soil materials in preventing the warming of cities because of climate change experienced all over the world. In this context, local administrations attach importance to efforts to increase the quality of urban life; developing strategies in this regard is important for achieving results.



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Bozdoğan Sert, E. (2022). The Impact of Urban Green Areas on the Temperature Increase Causing by the Surface Materials and a Future Scenario. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(11), 2237–2242.



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