Investigation of The Effect of Different Marination Methods on Organoleptic Quality of Beef




Gastronomy , Nutrition , Marinating , Beef , Grilling and Organoleptic


The objective of our research is to investigate the effects of different marination methods on the organoleptic properties of beef. In our study, we utilized beef from cattle not exceeding 2 years of age, which was procured from a local market in Istanbul. The cuts obtained from the region known as “sirloin” were marinated in onion juice, pineapple juice, and milk at a temperature of 4°C for 6 hours. After marination, the marinated cuts were allowed to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes and were then grilled at an ambient temperature of 174°C until the core temperature reached 55°C using a grilling technique. For the samples, pH levels, weight losses, and water activity values were measured both before and after cooking, including before and after marination. During the 6-hour marination process, a decrease in pH was observed in the case of meats marinated with onion and pineapple liquids in comparison to the control sample, while an increase in pH was noted in the case of meats marinated with milk. The average sensory analysis scores for meats marinated with three different marinades were found to be 23.9% ± 1.7 for milk marinade, 30.7% ± 2.7 for onion marinade, and 15.5% ± 4.5 for pineapple marinade (f=92.1077; p=0.0001). As a result of the analyses, it can be concluded that marinating beef with milk is more suitable for achieving minimal loss and maximum moisture activity during the grilling process, and it also yields favorable results in sensory analysis.


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