The Place of Goose Meat in Turkish Gastronomy




Goose traditions, Cızlak, Goose tirit, Cooking techniques, Tandoori


Goose meat has always had a gastronomic value for both international and Turkish cuisines. The aim of the present study is to introduce the goose meat dishes that belongs to local Anatolian cuisines, to contribute to the recognition of the traditions of goose meat dishes, to record the goose meat dishes as a gastronomic value and to transfer these values to the next generations. According to the results of the present review there is not enough recordings for traditional goose meat dishes and goose meat is not commonly used in restaurant menus. Also, despite the presence of local traditions in which goose meat is at the center, whether these customs and activities are adequately promoted or not well announced. As a result, these problems should be examined in a wide range from breeding to marketing, and after solving the problems in goose breeding and eliminating technical deficiencies, it is recommended to carry out tourism activities to increase the recognition of the goose meat, which has an important gastronomic value for Turkish cuisine.



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Çirişoğlu, E. (2022). The Place of Goose Meat in Turkish Gastronomy. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 10(11), 2102–2107.



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