How is nutrition linked to agriculture and education?


  • Sayed Mohammad Naim Khalid Independent Food Affairs Consultant, 5th district, Kabul,



Agriculture, nutrition, education, developing countries


Agricultural development is now expected to proceed in a way that maximizes opportunities to improve health and nutrition. Accordingly, the term “nutrition-education-agriculture linkages” describes the set of relationships that shows the mutual dependence of nutrition, education and agriculture. Changes in nutrition or education status are expected to affect agricultural production; conversely changes in the agricultural sector can have significant effects on individual health and nutritional status. Professionals in are trained in nutrition or agriculture, but very few will be trained in both. It is therefore difficult to begin discussions on nutrition-focused agricultural programs and policies. How do we begin to identify these linked outcomes? And how do we begin to think about ways to impact factors that are outside of our sector of expertise? This paper provides a simple framework for thinking critically about nutrition, education and agriculture linkages. The purpose is to help readers identify the linkages of greatest importance to their goals and to begin thinking about how to take steps toward integrating programs more effectively.

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Sayed Mohammad Naim Khalid, Independent Food Affairs Consultant, 5th district, Kabul,

- MBA in public administration with concentration on agriculture services management - MSc in Food Science and Technology from France - BSc in Agriculture from Afghanistan




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