Assessment of Çinarli Stream (Hafik -Sivas)'S Water Quality via Physico-Chemical Methods


  • Ekrem Mutlu Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Kastamonu University, 37150 Kastamonu,
  • Banu Kutlu Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries, Tunceli University, 62000 Tunceli
  • Tuğba Demir Department of Nourishment, Hafik Kamer Ornek Vocational School, Cumhuriyet University,58760 Hafik/Sivas



Water pollution, Sivas, Hafik, Çınarlı Stream, water quality criteria


Çınarlı Stream within the borders of Hafik district of Sivas city is famous for its natural beauties and rich water resource. By passing through a steep valley, Çınarlı stream reaches at forages exhibiting gypsum characteristic of Çınarlı Village. It supplies the irrigation water needs of Koşutdere and near villages where it merges with Koç Stream, and then mixes into Kızılırmak within the borders of Hafik district. Çınarlı Stream satisfies table and usage water requirements of Çınarlı, Bahçecik and Koşutdere villages, besides supplying the irrigation water for fertile agricultural lands near them. In this study, by observing the water quality of Çınarlı Stream via physico-chemical methods by taking samples from 6 stations on stream and analyzing these samples between October 2011 and September 2013, it has been aimed to determine and record the monthly and seasonal changes in water quality, to determine the quality criteria in accordance with Water Pollution and Control Regulation (WPCR), and to create a data base for further studies in Çınarlı Stream, where no other study has been carried out.




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Mutlu, E., Kutlu, B., & Demir, T. (2016). Assessment of Çinarli Stream (Hafik -Sivas)’S Water Quality via Physico-Chemical Methods. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 4(4), 267–278.



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