Changes in Agricultural Structure, Rural Area and Demography




Agricultural structure Rural area, Smallholder, Young farmer, Farmer, Registration System


Structures of agricultural holdings have been changing rapidly in rural areas. While smallholders have been decreasing in number, the number of large farms has been increasing. Youth has been rapidly moving away from agriculture. The agricultural sector has faced an aging problem. The involvement of youth and smallholders in agricultural production is extremely important for food supply security. This study aimed to observe the structural change of agricultural holdings based on the Farmer Registration System (FRS) data. The answers to the following questions were sought. Has the numerical and proportional distribution of enterprises changed according to their size? Has youth been moving away from agriculture? FRS records between 2003-2020 were used in the study. Agricultural holdings were grouped according to their size and the age of farmers. Results were summarized in tables and graphics. There was a decrease in the number and rate of farmers under the age of 40, and a proportional increase in the number of farmers over 65. While the number of agricultural holdings larger than 500 increased 2.5 times, the number and rate of small farms decreased. Migration from the districts and villages in the study area has been observed at rates ranging from 22% to 59% in 20 years. Special measures should be taken for youth and small farms to survive in the agricultural sector. Tools such as tax exemption and social security support can be used. Integrated rural development approaches, including basic services such as education and health, are indispensable for the population to be permanent in rural areas.



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