Status of Recreation/Sportive; Example of Ankara Province




Recreation fishing, Amateur fishing, Angling, Ankara, Migration


The concentration of job opportunities in the city centers with the industrialization and the advancement in technology since the 19th century has accelerated the rural-urban migration. Ankara is one of the leading provinces receiving immigration due to the effect of being the capital city. The demand for recreation areas has increased in crowded cities. Recreational anglers especially in ponds, lakes, dams and rivers have been increasing rapidly. Angling done for only sports and recreation purpose without any commercial gain is the one the most important recreational activities. Socio-economic status of fishermen was investigated in the field study. The seasons, hours and periods of fishing, self-sufficiency of catches, continuity of fish stocks and relative amount of catch in fishing of amateur fishermen were determined. The safety of the fishes in terms of health, their opinions and thoughts about fishing rules, ownership status of amateur angling certificate and whether they are aware of the institutions that inspect the laws and regulations were investigated. The results of the research are aimed to shed light on the fishermen who have devoted themselves to recreational angling. In addition, it is aimed to increase the number of amateur fishermen with high level of awareness that will contribute to the provision of sustainable and continuous fishing by raising the level of awareness.



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Yücel, Şennan, & Yördem, A. (2021). Status of Recreation/Sportive; Example of Ankara Province. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 9(3), 542–548.



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