Operation and Labour Force Analysis of Feeding Robot in Livestock Enterprise





Labor force, Herd management, Feeding robot, Feed wagon, Feed mixing


In today‘s conditions, one of the most important problems that faced by livestock enterprises and operators is providing of qualified and reliable labour and the cost problems caused by this to increase the capacity of the enterprise. In parallel, labour force, time and cost problems related to feed preparation and feed distribution are important output items for the enterprises. Feeding process in animal livestock has an important place in daily routine. Used feed, dispatch and management of it is one of the most important factors that affecting animal health and enterprise yield. In this study, considering the importance of the situation, provided operational knowledge about “feeding robot” which will can be a solution for labour force, time and herd management problems and which is not widely used and not known yet in our country, effects on herd management were defined and labour force and time analysis were performed as result of comparison with conventional feed preparation and distribution systems. Most important of the results that is compared to conventional systems with automation provided by the feeding robot provided %75 saving as labour force, 13.75 times saving as time input, especially in high capacities enterprise. In addition to this, it is another important result that is a support factor for other automation works such as milking robot used in modern enterprises and has an integral effect as herd management.



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Erzurumlu, D. Y., & Şen, B. (2020). Operation and Labour Force Analysis of Feeding Robot in Livestock Enterprise. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(5), 1058–1066. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v8i5.1058-1066.3253



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