The Effect of Breeding Age end Cages Tiers on Egg Quality of White Layer Pure Line




Cages floors, Breeding age, White layer, Egg characteristics, Pure line


In this study, the effects of coat difference and breeding age on the internal and external quality of the eggs were investigated in white laying hens in different cages. The eggs obtained from a total of one hundred fifty eggs White layer pure line hens at 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40 weeks of age that housing in individual cages in the Ankara Poultry Research Institute were used. Shape Index, egg weight (g), albumen height (mm), Roche scale, Haugh unit and shell strength (N) values were examined in 438 eggs obtained from these chickens found in these cages which are three tiers as upper, middle and bottom. In addition, temperature and humidity values in the tiers were recorded at 30-minute intervals during the study and then they were analysed. Statistically significant differences were calculated between temperature and humidity values measured in tiers. Although there was no difference between the tiers in terms of shape index and egg weight, the effect of age was significant. The effect of age and tiers difference on albumen height (mm) was insignificant. The Roche scale and shell strength (N) values were significantly influenced by the tier difference and breeding age. In general, it was concluded that the effect of the tier difference on the Haugh unit was insignificant, but the age was found to have an effect on the Haugh unit.



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Eleroğlu, H. (2019). The Effect of Breeding Age end Cages Tiers on Egg Quality of White Layer Pure Line. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(sp1), 173–182.

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