The Effects on Final Take and Root Quality of Mychorrizal Preparations in Grafted Vine Sapling Production




Grapevine rootstock, Potted sapling, Root weight, Glomus mossea, Clostridium pasteurienum


This study was carried out in order to determine the effects of Mychorrizal Preparation (MP) applications on final take and root quality in grafted and potted grapevine sapling production. In this research, cuttings of five different Vine rootstocks (140 Ru, 110 R, 41 B, 1103 P and 5 BB) and scions of Narince grape cultivar were used. In addition, 5 commercials symbiotic mychorriza preparations (MP); Roots Deep Gel (RD), Endo Roots Soluble (ER), Myco Apply (MA), Bio-one (BO) and Biovam were applied. Scions were grafted on rootstocks by omega table grafting machine and then grafted cuttings were stored for three weeks at stratification room. The grafted cuttings were planted into polyethylene bags (12 × 20 cm size) containing 1:1 sterile perlite-peat mixture. Grafted cuttings were kept in greenhouse during 2 months for growing. After grapevine final take rates were determined, grapevine saplings were transferred to acclimatization environment. Root fresh and dry weights of grapevine saplings were detected in the first week of September. Research was designed according to completely randomized plot as three replications and as 50 grafted cuttings each plot. At the end of study, it was determined that both MP applications and rootstocks have a significant effect on final take and sapling quality. The ratios of first grade sapling varied from 21.5% to 93.3% in first year and from 10.3% to 79.3% in second year. Effects of MP applications on the total final take ratios differed depending on the rootstocks in both years. MP applications showed significant effect on total final take ratios of 110 R and 41 B in the first year, and total final take ratios of 5 BB, 41 B and 140 Ru in the second year. While the best results were obtained from MA, EN, RD applications in the first year, the highest final take ratios were in EN, RD and BO applications in the second year. The highest value on final take was obtained from 5BB rootstock, while the lowest value was recorded in 140 Ru rootstock. Effect of MP applications on the fresh and dry weight of root changed according to rootstocks.

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Duran Kılıç, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Middle Black Sea Transitional Zone Agricultural Research Institute, 60000 Tokat




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Kılıç, D., & Cangi, R. (2019). The Effects on Final Take and Root Quality of Mychorrizal Preparations in Grafted Vine Sapling Production. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(12), 2121–2128.



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