Land Banking System in Agriculture




Agriculture, Land, Land banking, Land consolidation, Turkey


Land banking is one of the systems used in the management and planning of agricultural lands. The aim of the study, to examine the land banking system and the reasons for land banking in Turkey, land banking activities with the establishment stage and examine samples in the world. Land banking in the agricultural sector contributes such as improvement in the land market, guiding the land market for sustainable development and land use planning. In addition, the land banking system is shaped according to the needs of each country and there are four approaches to how the market will have a responsibility and intervene in the market. The prevalence of small-scale enterprises, the scattered and multi-piece of farm lands, which are one of the major problems of Turkish agriculture, hinders the efficient use of resources, hampers the use of technology and threatens food security. Therefore, integrating systems such as land banking into agriculture is thought to contribute to the solution of structural problems.



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Başer, U., & Bozoglu, M. (2019). Land Banking System in Agriculture. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(9), 1404–1410.



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