Drying Methods and Suggestions in Snack Meat Production





Jerky, Conventional drying, Margination, Freeze drying, Microwave drying


Meat with high protein, vitamin and mineral content is processed in different ways because it cannot be consumed fresh. Drying is one of the oldest methods for long-term storage of meat. Dried meat products, called as Jerky are generally produced by drying of the meat after the application of various pretreatments (marination, salting, smoking, etc.). Common methods for drying of the meat are sun drying and conventional hot air drying, which is modelled as shade drying. However, the development of various drying methods to reduce the quality losses as textural, sensorial and physicochemical created by the traditional methods and the use of these techniques in meat drying are becoming widespread nowadays. This review study includes the studies on the drying of various meat groups with traditional and current methods and the recommendations regarding these methods.



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Bodruk, A., Köprüalan, Özgün, & Kaymak-Ertekin, F. (2019). Drying Methods and Suggestions in Snack Meat Production. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 7(3), 523–530. https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v7i3.523-530.2373



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