Comparison of Different Systems of Roe Deer (C. capreolus) Trophy Evaluation

Milan Urošević, Milivoje Urošević, Darko Drobnjak, Yusuf Ziya Oğrak, Dragutin Matarugić, Stojić Petar


This study was conducted to determine best evaluation method for hunted roe deer. For the research purposes, trophy papers of 192 roe deer hunted in hunting ground Srpska Crnja in 2009 and 2010 were used. A comparison of of trophy mass and CIC trophy value was carried out, as well as a comparison of mass and the trophies volume and a comparison of these two variables with an average length of the antlers and values of the aesthetic elements in order to determine whether the weight of antlers is good indicator of the value of the trophy. Where it was possible, a comparison of the commercial trophy value under the old and new system was carried out, in order to determine whether the same trophy costs the same in both systems, or which system is economically advantageous for the hunter. The results showed that the mass of trophies in most cases is a good indicator of the trophy value in CIC points. Thus, during hunting, focus should be on assessing the volume of antlers, since between volume and other indicators of the value of antlers there are stronger and more pronounced correlation than between the mass and these indicators.


roe deer; trophy value; hunting game; CIC points

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