Lack of Population Structure in Coriander Populations Based on SDS (Seed Storage Protein) Page Analysis

Gülsüm Yaldiz, Muhammad Sameeullah, Mahmut Çamlıca, Faheem Shehzad Baloch


Genetic variation is prerequisite for plant breeding. Nothing information existed in the literature for available diversity of Coriander accession in Turkey. Plant breeding activities are negligible in Turkey. So in order to start effective plant breeding program in Turkey, information on the available genetic diversity is viable. Therefore we planned to study the genetic variation and population structure of 29 Coriander accessions by seed storage protein (SDS). SDS analysis elaborated the lack of population structure and genetic bottleneck in the Coriander accessions in Turkey. Based on the results of this study, it was clear that sampling strategy was not appropriate and plant introduction should be made from different sources and diverse genotypes should be used as parents to initialize the effective Turkish Coriander breeding program.


Coriander; Seed storage protein; Genetic diversity; Population structure; Plant breeding

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