Determination of fatty acid constituents and Macro-nutritional Properties of Some Lactarius Species

Deniz Altuntaş, Hakan Allı, Erhan Kaplaner, Mehmet Öztürk


Human being have been consumed mushrooms due to their aroma and flavour. The macro-nutritional properties such as ash, protein fat, carbohydrate and energy and fatty acid ingredients of Lactarius deliciosus (L.) Gray, Lactarius deterrimus Gröger, Lactarius salmonicolor R. Heim & Leclair and Lactarius semisanguifluus R. Heim & Leclair were studied. The results indicate that the moisture was between in the range of 86.8-91.1%, while the ash 5.1-9.2%, and the protein 9.4-19.0%, and the fat 0.6-1.1%, and the carbohydrate 71.8-83.9, and the energy calculated between 372.1-382.6 kcal/100 g dry weights. The major fatty acids were determines as stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid in the range of 6.68-39.41%, 26.94-47.12%, 9.78-23.85% and 9.7-14.43% respectively.


Lactarius genus; Wild mushrooms; Fatty acids; Macro-nutritional property; Edibility

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