Economic Analysis of Fruit Sapling Producing Enterprises in Hatay Province

Nuran Tapkı, Faruk Emeksiz, Erdal Dağıstan


In this study, examined the economic analysis of fruit sapling producing enterprises in Hatay Province. The data were obtained from 92 enterprises by the method of full count and face to face with producers. Enterprises were classified as three groups according to the production capacity of fruit sapling trees. First group (1 to 50.000 number sapling), second groups (50.001 to 100.000 number sapling) and third group (more than 100.000 number sapling).The average gross production value is 590.083 TL in enterprises and fruit sapling sales account for 75.38% of the gross production value in enterprises. Gross output, net profit and agricultural income are calculated as 593.108 TL, 365.200 TL and 411.980 TL. In addition to the average fixed costs and variable costs are found as 80.828 TL and 109.842 TL in enterprises respectively. Also, the cost of per sapling and selling price of saplings were calculated as 1.87 TL and 3.36 TL. As a result, net margin is higher in III. group enterprises which have more production capacity than the others.


Fruit sapling; Economic; Analysis

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