Consumers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Assessment About Food Safety: The Case Study of Hatay Province of Turkey

Yalçın Yılmaz, Arif Semerci, Nuran Tapkı, Erdal Dağıstan, Dilşat Bozdoğan Konuşkan


The development of food sensitivities began to increase along with societal growth. Consumer awareness is gradually increasing with the expansion of accurate and balanced information. In an increasingly consuming world, the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of individuals during the purchasing of food products are important. Findings from research of this kind positively impact the strategies of companies offering the products on the market. The purpose of this study is to examine the level of knowledge and attitudes of individuals living in the Hatay province and what they consider when buying food items. The data were obtained by face to face interviews of 334 consumers in 2008, and were analysed using a 5-point Likert scale. The average monthly spending of consumers in the survey research is 747.48 USD with food expenses in first place at 32.92% among the total amount of spending. Food product manufacturing, expiration date, storage and conditions were all taken into account for purchasing confidence. Supermarkets were found to be the most trusted shopping places; and of the consumers surveyed, 70.55% are affected positively or negatively by food-related news articles.


Consumer behavior; Food purchasing; Likert scale; Food safety

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