Investigation of TLR2 -EcoRV, NOD2- BsaHI ve IFNγ- HphI allele frequency distribution among Turkish Native Cattle Breeds

Yasemin Öner, Nezih Ata, Mustafa Karabaş, Onur Yılmaz


Changing climatic conditions and growing population size lead take precautions against potential risks. Researchers who study in the agricultural field, including animal production, focus on finding out variants and breeds resistant to diseases and environmental stress. Detecting gene regions that affect resistance to diseases and environmental stress might increase the performance of the selection in favor of these traits. Due to these reasons in this study, five Turkish native cattle breeds were investigated for SNPs belonging to TLR2, NOD2, and IFNγ (using EcoRV, BsaHI ve HphI enzymes, respectively) reported to be associated with paratuberculosis previously. In total, 169 animals were analyzed from Native Southern Yellow (NSY= 29), East Anatolian Red (EAR=35), Anatolian Grey (AG=36), South Anatolian Red (SAR=34), and Native Black (NB=35). The genotype and allele frequencies were calculated with the PopGene32 program, and Khi square test was performed to determine whether the populations were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE). While at TLR2- EcoRV and NOD2- BsaHI loci, two alleles (A and C, C and T, respectively), IFNγ- HphI locus was found to be monomorphic for the G allele. For TLR2- EcoRV locus, the C allele was found as predominant except NB breed, and the C allele was predominant for all breeds at NOD2- BsaHI locus. However, in all breeds, NOD2- BsaHI locus was at HWE, for TLR2- EcoRV NSY and SAR breeds showed derivation from HWE.


cattle; polymorphism; diseases gene; native breed; Marker-assisted selection

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