Production of Whey Powder Added Fruit Beverages and Some Quality Characteristics

Büşra Ece Argan, Onur Güneşer, Ayşegül Kırca Toklucu, Yonca Karagül Yüceer


In this study, functional fruit beverages were produced by mixing whey with fruit concentrates (apple and cherry) or pulp (apricot) at certain amounts, and some physical, chemical and sensory characteristics of the beverages were revealed during storage. While the highest total phenol content and antioxidant capacity (TEAC) were determined in beverages with cherry juice, TEAC values of the products changed based on fruit types used in the beverages during storage. In addition, it was determined that fruit type had significant effect on acidity, invert sugar, total sugar and total phenol of beverages. Beverage with apricot pulp was the most liked product by consumers.


Whey; Fruit juice; Functional beverage; Antioxidant capacity; Sensory analysis

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