Determination of Genetic Diversity Using SRAP Technique in Some Walnut Genotypes Obtained by Selection

Mehmet Yaman, Ercan Yıldız, Hasan Pınar, Aydın Uzun, Ahmet Sümbül, Şule Alkan


Turkey is among the few countries in terms of plant diversity.
An example of this situation is the variation in walnut seedlings grown from seed throughout the country. The genetic material to be used in fruit breeding should be original and the genetic relations among the genotypes should be well elucidated. In this research, genetic diversity was investigated among the walnut genotypes selected from Uşak province of Turkey with the use of molecular markers. In this study, molecular results showed that the 19 SRAP primer combinations produced, on average, 171 bands in the accessions examined, of which 77.2% were polymorphic. Base lengths of the bands obtained from markers varied between 100-1500 bp. The similarity ratio of walnut genotypes varied between 0.21 – 0.85. According to the results of the study, it was determined that SRAP marker system can be used to determine genetic diversity among walnut genotypes.


Walnut; SRAP; Marker; Polymorphism; Genetic diversity

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