Application of Modern Techniques in Animal Production Sector for Human and Animal Welfare




Livestock production, New-age techniques, Food supply, Sustainability, Dairy innovation


In this epoch, the tremendous increase in the world population accounts for the continuous supply of foodstuff. According to the FAO report, the global population is probable to cross the 9 billion in 2050. With constant population pressure, we are going to face the challenges of food shortage globally about agriculture. The animal production field provides a major share in the supply of foodstuff to compensate for the stress of food scarcity. By adopting the advanced technologies in the animal production field, its productivity can enhance significantly. Innovation in technology has made work easier with the development of different software and the internet. Technologic development made farmers work more contentedly hence, ultimately amplifying the animal production, proficiency, profitability as well as providing a prompt way for livestock sustainability. The animal production consists mainly of 8 factors including 3 major (animal breeding and genetics, animal nutrition, and reproductive performances) and 5 minor (health observation, farm management, water, manure, machinery, environment control, milking automation and electronic identification). The use of advanced technologies in these sectors is found to be fluent by intensifying the ratio of sustainable livestock farming and the welfare of mankind in terms of food security. In this review, innovative tactics and techniques for animal production are potted with positive research results and their drawbacks as well. The use of innovative technologies in their respective fields is close to taking control of whole world manufacturing under its hand to accomplish the world prerequisite regarding food scarcity.




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Ali, W., Ali, M., Ahmad, M., Dilawar, S., Firdous, A., & Afzal, A. (2020). Application of Modern Techniques in Animal Production Sector for Human and Animal Welfare. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(2), 457–463.



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