Determination of The Role of Women Entrepreneurship in The Rural of Hatay City

Nuray Kızılaslan, Miyase Karaömer


In this study, the entrepreneurial activities of the women in the rural part of the city of Hatay are examined. The survey included 120 rural women living in 21 villages of Central District and some other districts of Hatay Province. The data were obtained via questionnaires. For the analysis of the data, Chi-square Analysis were used. The results obtained from the Chi-square Analysis are as follows: there is a significant difference between the women’s age, their previous job experience, their knowing the definition of entrepreneurship and their showing tendency of entrepreneurship. Economic considerations are at the forefront of women's entrepreneurial tendency. In addition, women's household responsibilities and social values are barriers to entrepreneurial tendencies.


Entrepreneurship; Rural women; Tendency entrepreneurship; Chi-square analysis; Hatay

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