Biological Activity Determination in Leaf, Branch and Fruit of Methanol Extract of Taxus baccata (L) Species Collected from Usak Province

Yasemin Karafakıoglu


Taxus species in different parts of the world prevent the formation of hepatoprotective, anticoagulant, antiulcerogenic, anti-coagulant, antifungal and tumour cells. In this study, biological activity studies were performed on the leaves, branches and fruits of the methanol extract of Taxus baccata L. species collected from Sivaslı district of Uşak province. The methanol extract of the T.baccata species, the total amount of phenolic content of the sample was found to be 14.76 mg GAEQ/1g dry sample in the highest leaves. In T.baccata methanol extract, the maximum amount of flavonoid content was 0.468±mg QE/g dry sample. Antioxidant activity value as DPPH radical; % inhibition value was found as 93.21%. Based on the results; It can be concluded that the leaves of T.baccata have higher antioxidant activity than fruits and branches. Future studies need to explore the chemical components contained in the T.baccata species to determine and investigate in further detail.


Taxus baccata; Biological activity; Antioxidant activity; Taxaceae; Uşak

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