Comparison of Kil Goat and Saanen x Kil Goat Crosbred (F1, G1) Raised At The Farm Conditions In Terms of Fertility Characteristics

Hilal Tozlu Çelik, Mustafa Olfaz


This research Amasya Sarilar (40°54'23"N, 35°08'min5"E), a private business in the years 2011-2012 between the grown Saanen x Kil goat crosbred (F1, G1) and Kil goat in the fertility characteristics to detect and genotype on these features, year was conducted to determine the effects of such factors. In the study of reproductive traits for the year 2011 only twin goats giving birth rate among genotypes were found statistically difference. The twin birth rate of Kil goat was similar in F1 crosbred and G1 is different from both genotypes were found. In 2012, the remaining infertile among genotypes goat, dead goat giving birth and twin goats rate has been determined that there are statistical differences. Infertility rate, Saanen x Kil goat F1, G1 crosbred was found to be higher than in the Kil goat. Twin goat giving birth rate F1 genotypes in high, genotypes G1 and Kil goats find similar.


Saanen; Crosbred Goat; Kil Goat; Fertility; Infertility Rate

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