Seasonal Variation of Kapıaçmaz Pond Zooplankton in Elazığ, Turkey

Hilal Bulut


This study aims to determine the zooplankton fauna of Kapıaçmaz Pond and its seasonal change. Seasonal zooplankton samples were collected horizontally and by using Hydrobios plankton net (55 μm) determined from two station between July 2017 and June 2018. During the study, a total of 24 zooplankton species, 17 species from Rotifera, 4 species from Cladocera and 3 species from Copepoda were identified. Based on the total number of individuals of zooplankton, Rotifera was dominant group in the pond (72.42%) followed by Cladocera (33.70%) and Copepoda (17.32%).


Rotifera; Cladocera; Copepoda; Kapıaçmaz Pond; Trophic level

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