Evaluation of Yield and Quality Traits of Wheat Cultivars

Seydi Aydoğan, Mehmet Şahin, Aysun Göçmen Akçacık, Seyfi Taner


This research was conducted to determine grain yield and some quality traits of 18 bread wheat varieties in dry conditions and location in the center of Konya in 2009-2010 growing seasons. Grain yield and some quality characteristics (protein content, zeleny sedimentation, gluten index, alveograph energy value, alveograph P/L, mixograph development time, mixograph peak height, and mixograph softening value and mixograph total area) were examined. According to the results including means ranged between; grain yield 331.85-749.05 kg/da, Protein content 12.62-15.23%, gluten index value of 41.81-98.19%, zeleny sedimentation value 27.00-51.50 ml, alveograph energy 59.70-235.43 10-4 Joules alveograph P/L 0.38 to 1.29, micsograph development time 1.44-4.95 min., mixograph peak height, 42.46-60.67%, mixograph right peak slope 10.13-45.52%, mixograph total area 239.12-322.28% Tq*dak, was found. The experiment has been found significant correlations between traits.


Breadwheat; Grainyield; Qualitytraits; Correlation; Mixsograf Prameters

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