The Amino Acid Composition of Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus Segnis, Forskal, 1775) from The North Eastern Mediterranean Sea of Turkey

Engin Artar, İlkan Ali Olgunoğlu


This study was carried out to detect the content of amino acid in female and male specimens of blue swimming crab (Portunus segnis) obtained from (including 12 male crab and also 12 female crab) North Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Turkey. The protein was identified as 17.63% and 18.13% for female and male crab respevtively. Totally 9 essential amino acids were recorded in the present study. Lysine and leucine constituted the highest essential amino acid (EAA) concentrations in P. segnis. This species was found to be in good score in terms of the level of EAA and the EAA/Non-EAA ratios when compared with other economical crab species.


amino acid; blue swimming crab; Portunus segnis; Mediterranean Sea; gender

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