Possible Use of Diatomite and Pumice-Amended Mortar and Plaster in Agricultural Structures

Serkan Yazarel, Sedat Karaman


This study was conducted to investigate the potential use of diatomite (a natural pozzolana) and pumice in plasters and mortars to be used in agricultural buildings. Compacted and loose unit weights, specific weight, water absorption, organic matter content, abrasion resistance of aggregate (sand and pumice) and pozzolana were investigated and materials were found to comply with the relevant standards. Test results on fresh (unit weight and slum test) and hardened (unit weight, capillary water absorption, total water absorption, bending and compressive strength, vapor diffusion test) mortar samples revealed that pumice and diatomite could be used in agricultural structures. Diatomite and pumice should be heat-treated and grounded before to use in mortars. In plasters to be made with abundant pumice and diatomite sources, high water holding capacity of the materials should be taken into consideration and further researches should be carried out about their compliance with the other materials.


Diatomite; pumice; mortar; plaster; Mortar mixture

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v5i11.%25p.1674

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