Improvement Possibilities of Some Nutritional and Sensory Properties of Organically Produced Laying Hen Eggs

Musa Karaalp, Hacer Kaya, Vecihi Aksakal


Organically produced chicken eggs have more nutritional and sensory properties, and they do not contain any harmful substances to the health of the consumer. Research has shown that, unlike what is expected, there is no significant difference between dry matter, lipid and fatty acids of eggs produced in cages and organic. It has been reported that sold the organic egg about two times fee according to the cage egg has only psychological and ethical motivation. The Council of the European Union considers it necessary for chickens to have access to green roughage materials as well as basal rations in the production of organic eggs. However, if this access is provided, the organically produced egg may respond to consumer expectations. The studies shows that the 4m2 outdoor area allocated per chicken according to Turkey's Organic Agriculture Legislation is not enough to meet these demands. This situation necessitate an increase in the outdoor area separated to the chickens so as to provide rotation with the various plants or the supply of additional green feed materials to the outdoor area. Thus, in addition to obtaining a product with functional food characteristics, a production mode in which animal welfare is increased by the decrease of pecking and cannibalism will be attained. In this review, it is mentioned what applications are increasing the chemical contents such as carotenoids, fatty acids and improving the sensory properties such as color, smell and taste in organic egg production.


Organic egg; Nutritional and sensory properties; Roughage; Carotenoids; Fatty acids

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